What are the benefits of a new boiler?

Learn why a new boiler can be a good idea.

Steve Ward

5/7/20241 min read

SJW are experts in designing and supplying boiler installations in Lichfield and the surrounding areas.

Thinking of upgrading your central heating system? Here are just a few of the benefits a new boiler installation can bring:

Enhanced Safety and Reliable Performance - With a modern boilers, you're covered by manufacturer guarantees against heating system breakdowns for many years, providing peace of mind and avoiding costly repairs. As an Ideal Accredited installer, on certain boilers this has the added benefit of being able to offer extended warranties up to 12yrs.

Savings on Energy Bills - A boiler replacement will save you energy and reduce your gas bills. Modern boilers can be much more energy efficient than their older counterparts, potentially leading to significant cost savings.

Less Noise and More Room - Most modern boilers are smaller and quieter than older models, freeing up space in your home. Additionally, you may have the option to relocate a space-consuming boiler to an outbuilding or garage, reclaiming valuable indoor space.

Improved Home Energy Efficiency Rating - Adding a more efficient and energy-saving boiler to your house will increase your home's energy efficiency rating, potentially adding value to your property.

Save Money on Energy Bills - Saving energy also means saving money! You'll have a lower heating bill and benefit from the guarantees that a new boiler can provide.

New boilers also have the option of running on OPENTHERM which links seamlessly with new digital learning thermostats adding yet more cost savings to your gas bill.